Free Advertising Solutions

I own and operate my own web business and anyone that does knows the challenges that have to be faced from day to day. Especially when you have no money and you need to advertise, so that your would be customers can find you. I scoured the internet for close to a year. In that time I managed to find some really good advertising resources, while weeding out the bad ones. There are plenty of those sites out there, believe me. So, in the interest of saving you some time I will provide a few web addresses to get you started. There are roughly five major categories that I place free advertising resources into. There are the Social networking sites, forum sites, pixel advertising, and classified sites. These are the main types of advertising that I use. There are others of course, but I find that these five do the trick. There are plenty of websites out there offering these services. You can also try Instant messaging sites, but keep in mind that people are there to chat. Spamming web addresses on IM sites is a frequent occurrence now a days, and many IM sites have policies against spamming ads. None the less; that is an option if you go about it the right way. I have only done that a few times, and when I do I usually pick a topic appropriate room. I then will chat with like minded individuals about my web business, the challenges it presents, and so on. More often than not they will offer up some things that they have learned, and you can do the same. Usually the name of your website will come up, and this is good; because you have just advertised right there. There are hundreds of topics to choose from depending on the IM site, so finding a business or small business orientated one should not be a problem. This is a great way to network yourself with other like minded individuals.Social networking sites are very popular. Many people are familiar with Facebook and MyApace. They offer advertising, but it was out of my price range. That does not mean you cannot utilize their resources. You can add your web businesses link on your profile. You can also blog about your business, how its going, what you do, etc. This will allow your friends to see what your are up to, and they have friends and their friends have friends; you see my point. This can be a very powerful advertising tool. There are also social sites for small business and people with e-businesses. These sites are for people who want to network, share ideas, tips, and tricks. The goal of these sites is to help each other succeed. Just search direct matches, and you will find the site. It is a great business orientated social networking site. It has everything a person needs to get the word out there about their web business. Zion5 is another good business site and they can be found by searching zion5. This is a free to use site, as is are all of the sites that i am mentioning. I could mention others, but i mainly stick to using direct matches and zion 5 for my social site resource.Classified advertising is another great resource and by far the best and most visited business classified site is salespider. As i have said before, do a search for salespider and you will find the link. Unlike other classified sites that I have found, salespider actually lets you post more than one ad, and in more than one state! This is huge, because many of the other sites I have used only allowed me to post an ad in my home state. What good does this do someone whos services can cover the country and the world? That is why I exclusively use salespider frequently. I have yet to find a better site for free classified advertising. You can advertise on any classified website, but keep in mind that most are for other services and not for advertising. Be sure to read a sites guidelines before posting your ads. You do not want to put in a bunch of time and effort only to find out that your ads were removed the next day. Start with salespider and then search for other classified ad sites to supplement your ads on salespider.Pixel advertising is a neat concept. Simply pick a space on the ad board and upload your advertisement. Think of a pixel ad site as a giant internet billboard containing hundreds of different ads. Viewers can click on the ads they like and they will be taken to that website. The only one i still use is grabachat. I use it because i like it. I have not used many other sites, because to me it does not seem like an effective way to advertise. I do not see the draw for many outsiders, thus the only people who tend to visit are those looking to advertise. Still, more advertising is good advertising. Here is a website address that lists many different pixel ad sites if you are interested. It is called pixel wars and can be found by searching the pixelwars. There should be plenty of pixel ad sites here to keep you busy for a while. One last not, not all pixel ad sites are free. Most do offer a free ad area. Be sure to check before you waste your time.Forum sites are also a great way to get some free ad space much like classified sites. With a forum there are categories that you can post in and on business sites they have a category for free advertising. There are plenty of free forum sites out there and they tend to stick around unlike some other types of ad sites that I have mentioned. The great thing about forum sites is that your advertisement stays put, does not expire like on other sites. Plus other members can visit your site and leave comments for you on the forum. It seems I have lost my favorites folder for the forum sites I had saved to my favorites list. So, unfortunately I cannot give you any web addresses. Still, not all is lost. Simply do a search for “free advertising forums”, “forums for advertising”, etc. and I am sure there will be plenty for you to choose from.I almost forgot to mention BLOGS as a category, and that is a huge oversight on my part. Blogs are a great way to advertise your business for free. Most search sites have them such as Google, msn, and AOL. I highly recommend creating a blogging account on these sites and blog about your business. You can also place links on your companies website, and this becomes a great way to let your customers know what is new with your business.The final few websites I am going to mention are difficult for me to classify or are vital to your ad campaign. The first, difficult one to classify, is linkreferral. This is a great site that I use often. You sign up and create an account. You then add your web address along with a write up about your business. Others can then visit your site, and rate it on a scale of 1-10. You can also visit others sites and do the same for them. This also allows you to see what others are doing, and perhaps get a few new ideas for your own business. This site is for web companies, so you will be interacting with like minded people who are in the same boat as you are. It is also a great website for connecting with others. Just go to and sign up, its free! Can’t ever beat that.The final site I am going to mention is extremely vital in that it provides advertising for your site immediately. It is called Linkshare at This is probably the most important site I have mentioned, because it provides visitors to your site with a sense of comfort. What I mean by that is that people tend to feel more comfortable on a website with legitimate looking advertisements on their site. I know it does not mean a site is necessarily safe or better, its all about making the customer feel a sense of security. Nothing does that like seeing an ad on your site for Wal-mart, the NBA, NFL, and so on. Linkshare is a massive site for big companies to advertise on small sites. Here is how it works. You sign up and select the ads you want on your site. You then have to be accepted into that companies ad program. What this means is that if they accept you, and allow you to place their ads on your site; then you are enrolled in their advertising campaign. Every time a person clicks on their ad on your site, you make money! Now it is not a ton of money, but it could be someday. Especially when traffic to your website grows. It is tough at first, because if no one clicks on the ads than you could be removed from that program. No big deal, if you want their ads then just re- enroll and replace the ads. The best part is that they maintain their own ads. You just have the code on your site so they update the ads and it automatically updates on your site. Keep in mind that not all companies pay, but most do. You can tell which ones do and don’t when you are browsing through the companies that offer their programs. I highly recommend using linkshare.I know how difficult it can be when you are first starting out. In the real world the struggle for new business is getting a hold of enough upstart money, let alone the advertising dollars. Online it is simply about getting the people to find you. On top of that you are competing against thousands of other websites. Its a tough game, but with the information that I have provided; you should be able to get the traffic rolling to your site. Best of luck to you, and never give up. Just keeping your website on line from one day to the next is half the battle.